Summary: There is · reduction in respiratory competence, and inhibition of growth, several · the addition of erythromycin or chloramphenicol to growing in medium containing a non-fermentable carbon source. Spectrographic ·ence is presented for a loss of cytochrome oxidase as a consequence of the antibiotic treatment. This loss is prevented by cyanide or oligomycin. When glucose is added, however, the loss occurs irrespective of the presence of the respirator inhibitors. Cycloheximide does not affect respiratory competence or cause · of cytochrome oxidase, and it prevents the loss elicited by erythromycin if both compounds are added together. However, if cycloheximide is added some time after the addition of erythromycin, it fails to block the response to the latter drug. The results cannot be accounted for on the basis of the segregation of a finite number of mitochondria into an increasing number of progeny cells but, rather, suggest that the mitochondria are modified during growth in chloramphenicol or erythromycin.


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