SUMMARY: A comparison of the lipid composition of the vegetative and reproductive stages of revealed no major qualitative differences, although quantitative divergences exist. The glycolipids consisted of acylglucoses, acylmannitol, acyltrehalose and a glucosyloxyfatty acid. Two of the acylglucoses corresponded to a tetra-acylglucose and to either a di- or a triacylglucose. The phospholipids were distinctive in that phosphatidylcholine could not be detected. Phosphatidyl-ethanolamine and phosphatidylserine were the major phosphoglycerides. Examination of the neutral lipids revealed the expected array of acylglycerols, free and esterified sterols, and free fatty acids. A substantial amount (26 to 33%) of the fatty acids of the neutral lipids from both sporophore and mycelium were apparently of chain length greater than C. Linoleic acid was a minor component of the total neutral-lipid fatty acids but comprised about one-half of the total free fatty acids.


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