SUMMARY: Envelope proteins of one smooth (S) strain and seven rough (R) mutants of were examined by sodium dodecyl sulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. All strains gave similar band patterns although some consistent differences were detected. A major polypeptide band at 54k, which coincided with the flagellar component, was more prominent in S, Ra and Rb than in the Rc, Rd and Re chemotypes. The latter strains, however, showed more prominent bands at 48, 19 and 18k. The stage of growth at which the cultures were harvested was also found to affect the band patterns, particularly in the 54 and 40k regions. A closer examination of S, Ra and Re strains suggested that the levels of the major 40 and 37k bands were slightly reduced in Re. It is concluded that the progressive loss of lipopolysaccharide components which occurs from the S chemo-type through various degrees of roughness to Re is accompanied by a change in the envelope protein composition, apparently between Rb and Rc.


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