SUMMARY: Selected isolates of (Lib.) de Bary were grown together on agar, and the mycelial reactions in the regions of association studied. Three types of reaction were observed: (i) free intermingling of mycelia without antagonism and with occasional hyphal anastomoses; (ii) a white, later pigmented, incompatibility zone associated with excessive branching of hyphal tips at the margins of one or both of the colonies; (iii) a brown incompatibility zone of variable intensity, accompanied by early lysis of the tips of the peripheral hyphae of one of the colonies. Associated with reaction types (ii) and (iii) were interactions in which the hyphae of one isolate attached themselves to and grew around those of another isolate; this resulted in the lysis of the ‘attacked’ hyphae. The grouping of the selected isolates by means of reaction types and ‘predatory’ interactions gives support for the separation of into three distinct species, and


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