SUMMARY: The molar growth yields of for nitrate, nitrite and nitrous oxide, were determined in chemostat culture under electron acceptor-limited conditions. Glutamate was used as the source of energy, carbon and nitrogen. The catabolic pattern was identical, irrespective of the terminal electron acceptors.

The molar growth yields, corrected for maintenance energy, were 28.6 g/mol nitrate, 16.9 g/mol nitrite and 8.8 g/mol nitrous oxide. The energy yield, expressed on an electron basis, was proportional to the oxidation number of the nitrogen: nitrate (+5), nitrite (+3) and nitrous oxide (+1). It was concluded that oxidative phosphorylation occurs to a similar extent in each of the electron transport chains associated with the reduction of nitrate to nitrite, nitrite to nitrous oxide and nitrous oxide to nitrogen.


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