SUMMARY: In and mutants of A3(2), aerial hyphae develop but sporulation septa are not formed. Septa are produced mutants but are spaced abnormally far apart. Mutants in each locus have a distinctive aerial mycelium morphology, except for and mutants which are closely similar. Seven strains were made with pairwise combinations of and mutations with and mutations and with each other. The genotypes of these strains were confirmed suitable crosses and their aerial mycelium morphology examined. An indirect procedure was used to determine the aerial mycelium morphology of and double mutants. The double mutants always closely resembled one of the single mutant parent strains in morphology and a consistent scheme of epistasis was obtained -- being epistatic to and ; to and ; and or to These results point to the absence of any complex interactions between gene products, which might have been revealed the occurrence of novel phenotypes in double mutants or inconsistencies in the epistasis scheme.


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