SUMMARY: Hyphal wall preparations of were treated with enzymes and the dissolution of wall components and the degradation of septa were simultaneously recorded. The breakdown of the alkali-insoluble R-glucan (β-1,3, β-1,6-glucan) by R-glucanase was not influenced by the presence of chitinase but the breakdown of chitin by chitinase was stimulated by R-glucanase. The combination of R-glucanase and chitinase also had a synergistic effect on crosswall degradation. This indicates that the crosswalls contain both chitin and R-glucan, the chitin probably embedded in R-glucan. S-glucan (α-1,3-glucan), a prominent component of the lateral walls, is apparently absent from the crosswalls. The septal swellings consist of material that is alkali soluble but different from S-glucan. Crosswalls in hyphal wall fragments from a dikaryon were much more resistant to cnzymic dissolution than those in hyphal wall fragments from a monokaryon. Such a difference could not be noted in the dissolution of wall components. The results are discussed with regard to their significance for sexual morphogenesis in


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