SUMMARY Lysogenization experiments showed that diphtheria phages can induce the production of diphtheria toxin in strains of and .

In addition to diphtheria toxin, lysogenic and strains each produce their own specific toxin; they also maintain their specific morphology and urease production whilst strains lysogenized by phages produce only diphtheria toxin. The majority of phages are unable to induce the production of diphtheria toxin in strains of .

Phage typing with phages is a practical possibility. Thirteen well-defined phage types were established by this technique in 172 and 62 strains with only one of the phage types (III C) occurring in both species. can be distinguished from by the pathogenicity test in mice. kills mice by any route of inoculation whilst strains cause only arthritis. wild strains could be identified in this way and and strains from different type culture collections could be distinguished from each other by these well-defined characteristics.


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