SUMMARY: The envelope proteins of (syn. ) grown in glucose-, sulphate-, phosphate-, ammonia-, potassium- and magnesium-limited environments, in chemostats, have been isolated, and compared by SDS-poly-acrylamide gel electrophoresis; marked differences were evident. The envelopes from glucose- and sulphate-limited organisms were examined further: protein content was growth-rate dependent, but sulphate-limited envelopes always contained less protein than glucose-limited envelopes and this protein had a lower sulphur content. The sulphate-limited envelopes contained one major protein component with a molecular weight of 30000 daltons whereas the glucose-limited envelopes contained three main protein components (molecular weights of 46000, 38000 and 28500 daltons).

Selective extraction of membrane proteins with Triton X-100 indicated that both wall and membrane proteins altered in response to changes in the growth environment. Similarly, the soluble proteins of the organisms varied, but the ribo-somal proteins remained almost constant.


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