SUMMARY: sp. grew in acidic media (pH 2·0 to 0·3) saturated with copper sulphate (approx. 1 M) but was sensitive to low concentrations of copper (4 × 10 M) near neutrality. Eleven other fungi differed in that they tolerated relatively high concentrations of copper near neutrality; nine tolerated high concentrations from pH 3·0 to 7·0, and six tolerated 4 × 10 M-copper sulphate at pH 2·0 to 7·0. Oxine was more toxic to sp. at neutrality than it was at an acid pH and in the presence of relatively large amounts of copper. EDTA had no appreciable effect on toxicity of copper. The fungus was relatively tolerant to chlorides of iron, cobalt and chromium at both neutral and acid pH.


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