SUMMARY: Chemotaxis of a bacterium such as is assayed by measuring the number of organisms attracted into a capillary tube containing an attractant. Rate of bacterial accumulation in capillaries and a concentration-response curve for -aspartate taxis are presented and interpreted, and the effect of bacterial concentration is reported. Other parameters of the assay were studied, such as the volume of fluid in the capillary and the size of the capillary opening. The concentration gradient of chemical was also described. chemotaxis requires EDTA to allow motility, a buffer to maintain the pH at its optimum near neutrality, and -methionine if it cannot be synthesized. Under certain conditions there is stimulation by inorganic ions, either by K or, less effectively, by Na. Chemotaxis is dependent on temperature, there being a 20-fold increase in the number of bacteria accumulating in a capillary when the temperature is raised from 20 to 30 °C.


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