SUMMARY: Mutants of PACI were isolated which, unlike the wild-type, could utilize phenylacetamide as a nitrogen source for growth. One group of these mutants had lost the ability to grow on acetamide; the second group grew slowly on acetamide. Group I included 12 mutants isolated from the magno-constitutive butyramide-utilizing strain PAC351 and one mutant isolated from the valeramide-utilizing mutant PAC360. Group I Ph amidases hydrolysed phenylacetamide, butyramide and valeramide but not acetamide or formamide. Group II Ph mutants produced thermolabile amidases which attacked the same range of amide substrates but in addition had weak activity towards acetamide. Three group II mutants were derived from a constitutive butyramide-regulator mutant PAC128; one from PAC360 and one from PAC326, a mutant producing a defective amidase.


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