SUMMARY: A study was made of the incorporation of carbon from [C]methylamine by cultures of AMI growing on methylamine. The distribution of radioactivity within the non-volatile constituents of the ethanol-soluble fractions of the bacteria, after incubation for periods of up to 38 s, was analysed by chromato-graphy and autoradiography. Most of the radioactivity fixed at the earliest times of sampling appeared in serine, phosphorylated compounds and malate. These results contrasted with previous studies of the incorporation of labelled growth substrates by cultures of MS growing on methylamine or trimethyl-sulphonium salts and correlated with the specific activities of hydroxypyruvate reductase, phosphoepyruvate carboxylase, -methyl glutamate synthetase and -glutamylmethylamide synthetase in bacterial extracts. No hydroxypyruvate reductase was detectable in extracts of MS grown either on methylamine or on trimethylsulphonium nitrate. The assimilation pathway for methylamine in AMI appears essentially the same as that for methanol and different from that in MS.


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