SUMMARY: Staphylococcal delta-haemolysin is soluble and stable in chloroform + methanol (2:1, v/v). It distributes mainly in the lower phase of chloroform + methanol + water (10:5:3, by vol.) under neutral conditions, but almost entirely in the upper phase in the presence of acid, and was purified by cyclic transfer from one phase to the other. The final product gave a single peak on ultracentrifugation but was polydisperse, and on polyacrylamide gel showed a second faint band. It is very soluble in water being a simple protein of moderate molecular weight containing no lipid and, at most, only traces of phosphorus and carbohydrate. It does not contain tyrosine, arginine, proline or cystine.

Though stable over a wide range of pH, in dilute solution it is rapidly adsorbed to glass and other surfaces, which makes accurate assay difficult. Haemolytic activity is low; 1 mg. contains 250 to 300 Haemolytic Units (HU) per ml.


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