SUMMARY: A bacteriophage which is specific for O8 strains was isolated from Freiburg sewage. It is designated as ωOM 8. Inhibition studies suggested that the O8 specific lipopolysaccharide (isolated from O8) may be the phage receptor or part of it. Bacteriophage ωOM 8 also causes clearing on lawns of O93 if added at high multiplicity but it does not multiply in this strain. strains O8 and O93 cross-react serologically and their (O antigenic) lipopolysaccharides have similar structures. Electron microscopy revealed the following features of ωOM 8: icosahedric head, 48 to 50 nm. in diameter; base plate consisting of 6 units, total diameter 14 nm.; 6 spikes, 12·0 to 14·5 nm. long and 3·5 to 4·0 nm. thick; 6 fibres, 168 nm. long, bent at 56 nm., 1·5 nm. thick. The propagation characteristics of ωOM 8 are: burst size, 130; latent period, 19 min.; eclipse period, 13 min.


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