The lemmas and paleas of individual barley grains were detached and the amount of fungal mycelium present was determined by direct microscopic observation. The area in which mycelium was present varied from 19·7 to 87·7% of the lemma, and from 44·2 to 92·8% of the palea. The total estimated length of mycelium observed varied from 19 to 177 cm. in individual grains. It is suggested that these lengths represented dry weights of mycelium of the order of 1·5 to 1·9 μg. in individual grains. The indirect fluorescent antibody technique was used to determine the extent of mycelium. The area in which this species, predominant in plate cultures, was present did not exceed 22·7% of the lemma, and no more than 17·2% of the palea. The results indicated that this technique is useful in the detection and estimation of individual species in barley grains and that it might be of use in other plant disease studies.


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