SUMMARY: The incorporation of [1-C]acetate into phospholipids by a toxigenic and a non-toxigenic strain of was investigated, using a glucose salts medium (AM medium) and a sucrose yeast extract medium (YES medium) for growth and for the incorporation of radioactivity. YES medium yielded large amounts of aflatoxins. The toxigenic strain gave a higher incorporation of acetate in AM medium and a lower incorporation in YES medium than did the non-toxigenic strain. The growth and resuspension media strongly influenced the incorporation by the toxigenic strain. The specific activity obtained on AM medium was more than 10 times that on YES medium. The effects of the media on the non-toxigenic strain were less marked. The data indicate a close interrelation between the utilization of acetate for the synthesis of phospholipids and for the formation of aflatoxins.


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