SUMMARY: When B was heated at 52° and subsequently incubated at 20° or at 37° in phosphate buffer, there was an increase in the number of viable organisms. No such increase was observed when the treated suspension was incubated at 0°5°. Untreated organisms did not increase in number when incubated in phosphate buffer, suggesting that the increase in viable number of heat-treated organisms was not due to division. The observed increase in number of viable organisms was time-dependent and complete in about 60 min., but could be stopped by exposing the treated organisms to X-ray doses greater than 1°5 krad., before or after the heat treatment. Growing the organisms in the presence of chloramphenicol 100 μg./ml. before heat treatment also blocked the repair mechanism, but this could be reestablished by growth in the absence of chloramphenicol for 30 min. before heat treatment.


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