Eleven strains regarded as moraxellas were studied; nine were characterized by moderate growth on the usual media, a positive oxidase reaction and sensitivity to penicillin, and six of these preferred or required a humid atmosphere when incubated at 37°. The classification of these strains was considered correct. Two strains did not show any of these characteristics, and it was concluded that they should not properly be classified as moraxellas.

A positive oxidase reaction, sensitivity to penicillin, and preference for a humid atmosphere at 37° may be useful criteria in the classification of . It is suggested that may be closely related to , and that the description of the genus and its taxonomic position should be revised in accordance with Lwoff's proposals.

var. (De Bord) is believed to belong to , whereas other members of the tribe Mimeae (De Bord) and (Schaub & Hauber) are probably not closely related to .


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