SUMMARY: Strain-specific lipopolysaccharide extracted by hot phenol from two strains of was fully antigenic in rabbits with an injection schedule using Freund's adjuvant, and highly active in gel diffusion. A minor second diffusion line was considered to be due to a smaller fragment of the main molecule, since the antigen was converted almost entirely to this form by sodium dodecylsulphate and such disaggregated material absorbed antibodies to both forms of the antigen. Chemically the lipopolysaccharide showed some features related to those of the Enterobacteriaceae; for example, the presence of firmly bound lipid, 2-keto-3-deoxyoctonate, glucose, man-nose, fucose and, in one strain, a heptose. However, the lipopolysaccharide of was unusual in its very low phosphorus content and the presence of glucuronic acid. One strain diverged even further in its high content of carbohydrate, its lack of a heptose, its anionic behaviour and the gelatinous nature of some preparations; these properties might relate to the presence of a capsule-like structure which has been observed in old cultures of this strain.


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