SUMMARY: The lipid content and fatty acid composition of sporangiospores and vegetative mycelium of mesophilic, thermotolerant and thermophilic fungi in the Mucorales were examined. In each fungus the spores contained less lipid than the vegetative mycelium. The mesophiles accumulated less lipid in spores and mycelium than did thermotolerants and thermophiles. No unusual fatty acids were detected by gas-liquid chromatography in the lipids of spores or mycelium. The fatty acid compositions of spores and vegetative mycelium were qualitatively very similar, but spore lipids were always more highly saturated than mycelial lipids. Lowering growth temperature from 48 to 25° increased the synthesis of unsaturated fatty acids in the spores and the mycelium of the thermotolerant and thermophilic fungi examined.


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