Two methods were developed to demonstrate a small fraction (10) of phage-sensitive cells in a phage-resistant population with a high degree of accuracy, using the plexiglass phage titration method (Horváth & Alföldi, 1954).

Phage-sensitivity was transferable by DNA isolated from 168 M (SPO-1 phage-sensitive) to the recipient strain of 168 M (SPO-1 phage-resistant) in transformation experiments. The number of 168 M transformants was a function of the concentration of the transforming DNA. The and characters are not linked. The competence curves for the number of 168 M and 168 M transformants were similar. The phenotypic lag was found to be 5 hr 30 min. The maximum frequency of 168 M cells among the transformants was 2 to 5%.


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