SUMMARY: Changes in the morphology of staphylococci incubated with antimicrobial cationic proteins isolated from the teat canal of the cow were studied with the electron microscope. Morphological changes in similar organisms deposited in the teat canals of a healthy cow for 24 hr and subsequently recovered were also examined. In both instances changes were observed in the cell wall and plasma membrane. Accumulation of a dense layer of finely fibrillar material on the surface of the organism was also observed.

Calf thymus histone, lysozyme, protamine sulphate and poly-L-lysine also produced morphological changes in staphylococci . The changes induced in staphylococcal morphology following incubation with calf thymus histone closely resembled those produced by the materials of teat canal origin. Incubation with lysozyme induced lysis of limited regions of the cell wall; incubation with protamine sulphate and poly-L-lysine produced an agranular cytoplasm and the loss of nuclear areas.


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