SUMMARY: A respiratory-competent strain of (1D) had mitochondria of diverse morphology. A spontaneous petite strain and petites induced by acriflavine, ultraviolet-radiation or phenethyl alcohol showed similar mitochondrial diversity to the parent strain, but in all the petites except the spontaneous one there were fewer mitochondrial profiles showing cristae. In another respiratory-competent strain (11) the mitochondria were of uniform morphology. A phenethyl alcohol-induced petite derived from this strain again showed fewer cristate mitochondrial profiles. There was no evidence of the grossly aberrant and lamellate mitochondrial profiles observed in strain 1D and its petites. Each of the cultures obtained from an ascospore tetrad from a 1D x 11 cross was induced to form petites with phenethyl alcohol; all showed a significant reduction in the proportion of mitochondrial profiles with cristae. Two of them showed the mitochondrial diversity characteristic of parent strain 1D. Other features of mitochondrial morphology appear to be under nuclear control and are strain-dependent. All the petites were cytoplasmic mutants and lacked cytochromes and .


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