SUMMARY: The antigenic properties of the soluble and membrane-bound proteins of Mycoplasma organisms were studied by a variety of gel-diffusion techniques. The strains tested belonged to several distinct serological groups, showing no cross-reactions. One group consisted of the strains and the other of caprine and bovine strains, which were closely related to var. The avian strains tested were serologically heterogenous. After Mycoplasma membranes were solubilized by sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) the antigenic properties of their membrane proteins were analysed. In immunodiffusion tests they showed a serological specificity similar to the soluble cell proteins. This specificity was not found in lipids of membranes extracted with chloroform+methanol. In gel diffusion tests the hydrophobic protein fraction isolated from membranes by detergent action and (NH)SO precipitation reacted with antiserum to whole organisms, was antigenic in rabbits and there produced an antiserum which reacted with it, but not with the soluble cell proteins or membrane material solubilized in SDS.


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