SUMMARY: An analysis of the carotenoids of strain 2 Y, showed the presence of 13 fractions. The main pigments identified were β-carotene, a β-carotene-like fraction (possibly β-isorenieratene), leprotene, a mono-hydroxy pigment, P 450, a second xanthophyll, P 452 and a glucoside of hydroxy-chlorobactene. The minor constituents have been identified as phytoene, phytofluene, β-zeacarotene, neurosporene, ζ-carotene, lycopene and either γ-carotene or chlorobactene. P 452 forms a purple derivative with an absorption maximum at 560 mμ in the presence of calcium salts which can be converted to the original P 452 form by treatment with traces of acid or alkali. The total carotenoid content of the organisms is estimated at between 0.5 and 0.6 mg. carotenoid/g. dry weight of organism.


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