SUMMARY: Rods of variable lengths occurred in sap from plants infected with tobacco mosaic, cucumber mosaic, potato , potato , henbane mosaic, tobacco etch, and cabbage blackring viruses; the first two were about 15 mμ. wide and appeared rigid, the others were about 10 mμ. wide and apparently flexible. Sap from plants infected with tomato bushy stunt, tobacco ringspot and two tobacco necrosiss viruses contained spherical particles about 26 mμ. in diameter; two particles, one about 18 mμ. and the other about 37 mμ. in diameter occurred in sap from plants infected with a third tobacco necrosis virus. No specific particles were identified in sap from plants infected with tomato spotted wilt, potato leaf roll, cauliflower mosaic, tomato aspermy, sugar beet mosaic and sugar beet yellows viruses. Serologically related strains of any one virus were morphologically indistinguishable, but this has little diagnostic value because so also were some unrelated viruses.


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