SUMMARY: An Adansonian classification of mycobacteria has been done by using 94 characters. Fifty-nine strains of slowly growing mycobacteria were classified into five groups: (1) and M. (2) ; (3) , 16 strains of non-photochromogens from human sources, 6 strains of non-photochromogenic mycobacteria from soil sources, and scotochromogens from human sources (); (4) 2 strains of non-photochromogens from human sources; (5) 1 strain of non-photo-chromogen from human source.

The third group seemed to consist of three subgroups: (3, i) non-chromogens from soil sources; (3, ii) and some non-photochromogens, which were inseparable from ; (3, iii) some non-photochromogens from human sources resembling (but separable from it) and scotochromogens from human sources.

Slowly growing non-photochromogenic mycobacteria from soil sources (subgroup 3, i) were considered to form a new species, A description of this species is given.

Seventy-eight strains of rapidly growing mycobacteria were classified into seven groups: (6) 6 strains of miscellaneous species, and ; (7) (sp.nov.); (8) ; (9) (sp.nov.); (10) and group IV rapid growers; (11) ; (12) . These groups seemed to form independent species. is a new species capable of growing at 52. is a new species consisting of rapidly growing scoto-chromogenic mycobacteria with urease, nicotinamidase and pyrazina-midase and some strains also with acetamidase and allantoinase.


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