SUMMARY: The results are presented of a survey of NAD and NADP concentration in twenty micro-organisms. They fell into three categories with respect to NAD concentration. (i) High NAD (> 4·5 μmoles/g. dry weight) in obligate anaerobes, members of the Lactobacillaceae and . (ii) Medium NAD (1·0-3·0 μmoles/g. dry weight) in faculative anaerobes, photosynthetic bacteria and (iii) Low NAD (< 0·9 μmoles/g. dry weight) in obligate aerobes.

Different categories were not found with respect to NADP concentration.

Consistent differences in NAD concentration due to conditions of aeration were not found, but growth on different substrates frequently led to changes in NAD concentration. The concentration of NAD in grown on gluconate was only 6% of the concentration in glucose-grown organisms. In NAD concentrations when grown on formate or oxalate were 13 and 8 times, respectively, greater than the concentration in acetate-grown organisms.

NADP concentrations in and were increased 2- to 5-fold by aeration. In and the concentrations of NAD found after growth in complex media were 3-5 times greater than the amounts found after growth on minimal media. This effect was not observed with .


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