SUMMARY A collection of 267 strains, representing many of the principal biotypes among aerobic pseudomonads, has been subjected to detailed study, with particular emphasis on biochemical, physiological and nutritional characters. A total of 146 different organic compounds were tested for their ability to serve as sources of carbon and energy. Other characters that were studied included : production of extracellular hydrolases; nitrogen sources and growth factor requirements H-chemolithotrophy; denitrifying ability; pigment production; ability to accumulate poly-p-hydroxybutyrate as a cellular reserve material; biochemical mechanisms of aromatic ring cleavage; and nature of the aerobic electron transport system. The resultant data have revealed many hitherto unrecognized characters of taxonomic significance. As a consequence, it has become possible to recognize among the biotypes examined a limited number of species which can be readily and clearly distinguished from one another by multiple, unrelated phenotypic differences.


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