SUMMARY: Selection for resistance to phage led to the isolation from strain LT2 of fifteen non-flagellate ( ) mutants due to spontaneous mutation at sites such that could be co-transduced with . Treatment with phage P22 grown on LT2 evoked swarms, i.e. motile ( ) transductant clones, from all fifteen mutants and from a strain of B; and also evoked trails, i.e. abortive transductants, from all these mutants except four. When the strains were crossed with each other by transduction all pairs yielded clones, which indicated that none of the mutated sites was identical with, or overlapped, any other. In most pairs the appearance of trails showed that abortive transductants, of constitution , were flagellate, as a result of complementation. The mutants fell into five groups, such that mutants of any one group complemented mutants of all other groups; these groups perhaps correspond to five genes. Some pairs of the ten strains of group A complemented, perhaps through intragenic complementation.


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