SUMMARY: Twenty-nine strains of streptococci from patients with subacute bacterial endocarditis, three type cultures of , and eighty strains of streptococci from the blood of persons after dental extraction were tested physiologically and serologically.

Six endocarditis strains fall into Lancefield group H and four into Lancefield group D; the remaining nineteen were serologically heterogenous. Thirteen of the endocarditis strains produced a serologically reactive dextran in sucrose broth. Of these five were group H streptococci; the rest represented several serological types.

Of the three dextran-producing strains of examined, types I and I/II were placed in Lancefield group H, whereas type II was serologically distinct.

The eighty strains from dental bacteraemias included ten which produced a dextran; five of these were group H streptococci.


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