SUMMARY: A polysaccharide constituted primarily of a unit of -acetylneuraminic acid, two of glucosamine and one of an acid labile nitrogenous component was extracted from O5:H30. The material after purification gave a single peak in the ultracentrifuge. -acetylneuraminic acid and 4-oxo-norleucine were isolated from hydrolysates of the polysaccharide. A similarly constituted polysaccharide was obtained from O5:H30 and were shown previously to be serologically related to one another and the results of the present investigations indicate that a chemical relationship also exists between these micro-organisms. Moreover, it is suggestive that the serologically related which contains neuraminic acid is related chemically to and O5:H30. In sum, it is concluded that derivatives of neuraminic acid exist in association with other amino sugars and amino acids in mucopolysaccharides of bacterial origin as well as in those derived from mammalian origin.


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