SUMMARY The ‘intracellular’ teichoic acids from two strains of group D streptococci (strains 8191, 39) were purified and their serological and chemical properties examined. Both compounds reacted serologically with group D streptococcal antiserum. Chemical analysis showed them to be polymers of glycerol phosphate containing a high proportion of glucose and bearing alanine ester residues on the sugar; it is likely that the glucose comprises di- and tri-saccharide residues attached to most or all of the glycerol units. Analysis of group antigen preparations from three other strains of group D streptococci previously studied indicated that they are serologically identical with and chemically similar to the teichoic acid from strain 39. The difference in serological activity between the intracellular teichoic acid from strain 8191 and that from the other four strains is probably associated with small differences in chemical composition, particularly with respect to glucose content.


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