SUMMARY: Cultures of the giant bacterium Peshkoff, among them our own isolates from cow dung, were studied. A method for isolation is described. A fluid medium containing acid-hydrolysed casein, thiamine, biotin, sodium acetate, sodium butyrate and dipotassium phosphate, at pH 7.8, was devised which, without added colloids, allowed luxuriant growth of when sufficient aeration was provided. has been found to utilize acetic, butyric and β-hydroxybutyric acids. A variety of other carbon sources did not appear to be readily utilized by The organism produced a carotenoid-like yellow pigment, the synthesis of which was inhibited by diphenylamine. A large amount of poly-β-hydroxybutyric acid (PHB) was synthesized by growing in the fluid medium described above. Much of the PHB was liberated as free granules. was found to be Gram-positive, in contrast to previously published reports.


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