SUMMARY: Two facultatively anaerobic agar-decomposing myxobacteria were isolated from marine mud and described as Bachmann var. var. nov. and var. var. nov. A third organism which does not attack agar was isolated from the same source; it has been included in the present study for comparative purposes. The specific name has been given to this organism. All organisms are characterized by exhibiting flexing and gliding motility and by absence of microcysts and fruiting bodies. The organisms can be grown in a mineral glucose medium, although growth is accelerated and more abundant when a vitamin mixture is included in the medium. CO is an absolute requirement for growth. Growth of var. and var. on aerobic plate cultures is markedly inhibited by 0.1 % glucose or galactose. Acetic, propionic and succinic acids are major end products of sugar fermentation of all three types. and var. form in addition CO and H, and small amounts of lactic and formic acids and ethanol.


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