SUMMARY: Relative differences in radiosensitivety between strain B and the mutant strains, B/r (more resistant than B) and two types of B (more sensitive), are maintained with respect to inactivation by ultraviolet radiation, X-rays and decay of incorporated P. The differences cannot be ascribed to variations in number of nuclei or in content of DNA or RNA. The effectiveness of various post-irradiation and post-decay treatments in preventing inactivation varies for each strain. With the exception of reactivation by light, strain B/r is less reactivable than B and B

The strains do not differ in their rates of mutation to resistance to bacteriophage T However, the rates of mutation of the B mutants to the first step of furacin-resistance are considerably lower than the rate for the parent strain B. From one of the B mutants, new strains were obtained whose properties are mixtures of those of B and B/r.


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