SUMMARY: The normally slow rates of growth and of cellulose synthesis by certain strains of Acetobacter in static culture were accelerated greatly when these strains were cultured in shaken, indented flasks or in stirred aerated fermenters, whereby the time factor was reduced from 3–4 weeks to 2–4 days. Optimum yields of cellulose from strain EA-I and strain HCC B-155 were produced in shaken, indented flasks, in a medium of hydrolysed molasses which contained 4–5% of sugar and about 0·05% of nitrogen (as ammonia). Comparison of eleven strains of cellulose-forming sp. in static and shaken culture showed that all produced less cellulose and all except two showed less growth in shaken culture. Yields of cellulose in stirred, aerated fermenters decreased with increasing air flow rates, although the growth level remained constant. The results suggest that increased aeration decreases the yield of cellulose by causing decreased synthesis of cellulose per unit cell weight, but the involvement of celluloseless mutants cannot be excluded. Addition of neutralizing agents to the fermenter cultures increased the yields of cellulose by the order of 50%.


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