A population of , strain W107, exposed for several growth cycles to a sterile culture filtrate of , strain M142, acquired several genetic characteristics similar to those of strain M142. The changes observed were: (1) streptomycin sensitivity to resistance; (2) bacteriophage V sensitivity to resistance; (3) absence to presence of soluble pigment; (4) presence to absence of pigment in the vegetative mycelium. The filtrate contained streptomycin and a temperate bacteriophage. The low concentration of streptomycin did not grossly inhibit the growth of strain W107 but streptomycin-resistant mutants were selected. Resistance to the temperate phage frequently conferred resistance to bacteriophage V. The observed morphological changes were coupled with bacteriophage- and streptomycin-susceptibility. Vegetative hybridization was the result of selection of mutants rather than gene transfer.


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