SUMMARY: One hundred and seventeen strains of lactic acid bacteria from the rumen, representing four species of lactobacilli and four of streptococci, were examined for their requirements for vitamins. Of the lactobacilli only (7 strains) was homogeneous in respect of its vitamin requirements. Within each of the other three species, strains differed in their requirements for individual vitamins, but on the whole the patterns of requirement were distinctive, and could be correlated with other specific characters. The vitamin requirements of three of the species ( and ) were broadly similar to those reported in a variety of non-rumen strains. Most of the rumen strains of required vitamin B and riboflavin, in addition to the requirement for nicotinic acid, thiamine and pantothenic acid variously reported as typical of the species. and had distinctive patterns of vitamin requirements as did the unclassified group. The remaining species, , had no requirement for exogenous vitamins under the anaerobic test conditions used. Under conditions of aerobic culture, however, strains of this species were found to require one or more vitamins for growth.


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