SUMMARY: has been shown to possess a life cycle in which there is an alternation between a vegetative and a microcyst stage. Microcyst formation may occur from the spiral vegetative cell by:(1) fusion of two entwined organisms to form one or more microcysts; (2) the production of a protuberance at some point along the organism into which the entire organism is gradually absorbed; (3) the gradual shortening and rounding of the organism to form an oval to spherical body. Microcyst formation begins, in a typical broth culture, at 24 hr. after inoculation and the majority of the organisms are in the microcyst stage after a 4-day incubation period. When microcysts from an old culture are inoculated into fresh media, they germinate to form the spiral vegetative organism. Germination occurs by either unipolar or bipolar emergence of the germ tube.


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