A cDNA encoding a 37 kDa protein was isolated from an expression library using antibodies raised against mycelial cell walls from The 37 kDa protein has over 60% sequence identity with the 37 kDa laminin-binding protein (LBP) from humans and over 80% identity with the Yst proteins of . The protein was named CaYst1. It was found in membrane and ribosome fractions but surprisingly, was not found in cell walls. Unlike the human LBP, CaYst1p does not bind laminin. These data indicate that CaYst1p is not a cell-surface receptor for laminin as has been proposed for the human LBP. Instead, like the Yst proteins, it appears to be a ribosomal protein. This conclusion is supported by the finding that -cDNA complements the lethal phenotype linked to the disruption of both genes in .


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