Summary: A 7 kb DNA fragment was cloned from which contains the gene encoding the (+)-lactate dehydrogenase (-LDH). Analysis of the DNA sequence, Northern experiments and primer extension experiments showed that is transcribed from a single promoter, leading to a monocistronic 1·15 kb mRNA which yields the -LDH. A stable mutant was constructed by chromosomal integration of a chloramphenicol cassette into by a double-crossover event. Both - and -lactate were produced by the wild-type strain whereas only residual amounts of both isomers were produced by the mutant. This demonstrates that possesses an -LDH producing -lactate and a lactate racemase able to transform it to -lactate, but is devoid of -LDH activity. Moreover the ability to degrade -lactate present in the medium that was observed with the mutant strain grown aerobically suggests that an -lactate oxidase activity is also present in .


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