Summary: Cell-surface polypeptide CshA (259 kDa) mediates multiple adherence interactions of By generating a chromosomal promoter ( gene fusion and measuring both CAT enzyme activity and mRNA levels, it was shown that is expressed maximally in cells in the late exponential phase of growth in batch culture. The expression of CAT enzyme activity from the promoter fusion was 28% decreased in early stationary phase cell extracts of mutant strain OB528 in which the (oligopeptide-binding lipoprotein) gene was insertionally inactivated. This effect was correlated with proportionally reduced cell-surface expression of CshA protein and with impaired adherence of mutant cells to cells of an oral strain. promoter activity was enhanced in streptococcal cells that were incubated in conditioned culture medium as opposed to fresh medium, but this did not occur in an genetic background. It is suggested that HppA is necessary for the response of cells to an extracellular factor that modulates transcription, and hence affects cell-surface CshA expression and streptococcal cell adherence properties.


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