Summary: Low-level resistance of to toxic hydrophobic agents (HAs), including some antibiotics, is chromosomally mediated via the multiple transferable resistance () efflux system. The gene encoding the 48.3 kDa outer-membrane protein MtrE, which is associated with the mtr phenotype, was identified and is homologous to export-associated outer-membrane proteins, including the OprM (formerly OprK) lipoprotein of Insertional inactivation of the gene in strain FA19 resulted in the loss of the outer-membrane protein, with concomitant hypersusceptibility of the mutant strain to a range of HAs. The properties of this mutant confirmed the role of MtrE in multidrug resistance mediated by an active efflux mechanism. Secondary structure predictions for MtrE indicated a largely hydrophilic protein with a single α-helical transmembrane region. A transposon-like element, similar to that found downstream of the region containing the promoters for and in was identified 63 bp downstream of the gene.


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