The gene from was cloned using a labelled RNA probe representing the coding region of the gene from DNA sequencing revealed an ORF of 1452 bp encoding a protein of 484 amino acid residues with a calculated molecular mass of 54611 Da. An RNA probe corresponding to was also used for Southern hybridization of chromosomal DNA, which showed that -related DNA sequences are also present in the alginate-producing phytopathogen species and pv. The coding region of was subcloned in the expression vector pT7-7, leading to a corresponding gene product with an apparent molecular mass of 54 kDa which could be identified in the outer membrane (OM) of BL21(DE3). Additionally, a cross-reacting protein with the same molecular mass was also found in the OM of using an anti-AlgE antiserum. The derived amino acid sequence of AlgJ shared approximately 52% identity with AlgE from The hydrophilicity profile as well as the amphipathicity of regions in the amino acid sequence of AlgJ showed significant similarities to AlgE. Based on these data, a topological model of AlgJ was created with the aid of known structures of outer-membrane proteins. This model presents AlgJ as a ß-barrel containing 18 ß-strands inserted in the OM.


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