SUMMARY: Four non-penicillin-producing () strains were isolated from the strain 47.1564 Wis. of and used in this work. Seven heterokaryons and seven heterozygous diploids were synthesized between the four strains and one penicillin-producing (+) strain. All these strains were further marked by nutritional requirements and differences in colour of the conidia. None of the heterokaryons and diploids between non-producing strains produced any appreciable amount of penicillin; all the heterokaryons and diploids between a producing and a non-producing strain did produce penicillin in amounts of the same order as those of the producing strain. The four mutations behave like alleles: is recessive to the wild condition. Linkage of the allele to and to may be deduced from data of the somatic segregation from a heterozygous diploid.


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