SUMMARY: Three different co-cultures composed of a methanogenic and a strictly aerobic bacterium were grown under O-limitation in continuous cultures. The combinations used were (1) with the aerobic heterotroph ; (2) with a methanotrophic ; and (3) with Although true steady-states were not obtained, growth and metabolic activity of the methanogenic and aerobic organisms occurred during O-limited growth of these mixed cultures over extended periods of time. Co-cultures with were considerably more stable than those with Co-cultures with were less O-sensitive than those with exhibited a higher O-affinity than resulting in a lower dissolved oxygen tension and a superior protection of the methanogenic bacteria against O-poisoning than in mixed cultures with The dissolved O-concentrations in the mixed cultures were below the detection limit of the O-probes used (0.2 μM). Calculations based on growth properties of pure cultures of and suggested that the dissolved O-concentrations in the mixed cultures, as well as the O-inhibition constants (apparent ) of the methanogens were in the nanomolar range.


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