Summary: Twenty-four isolates of and , screened for virulence to desert locust (), were characterized by conidial morphology, API ZYM, isoenzyme electrophoresis and RFLP analysis of III digests on agarose minigels. Conidial morphology showed considerable overlap in measurements between the two species. However the API ZYM method showed that all isolates of differed from those of by possessing α-fucosidase activity. Isoenzyme electrophoresis clearly distinguished the two species by catalase and acid phosphatase banding patterns. had a much simpler RFLP banding pattern than , which showed > 20 bands, but individual isolates of both species had unique patterns. The methods used could all contribute to a unique “fingerprint” for isolates of both species including IMI 330189, which has been under intensive study for biopesticide development against locusts and grasshoppers.


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