Summary: We have studied the immunological relatedness of LamB proteins from a wide range of enterobacterial species, using antibodies directed against denatured K12 and LamB proteins (LamBE.c. and LamBK.p., respectively), and anti-peptide antibodies directed against 10 distinct loops of LamB from K12 predicted to protrude either side of the outer membrane. We have shown that a protein immunologically related to LamBE.c. and LamBK.p. was present in all members of Enterobacteriaceae tested. A protein recognized by several anti-peptide antibodies was identified in and , as well as in two species, two species and . The recognition patterns obtained with the anti-peptide antibodies were in agreement with the LamB protein sequence data available. They indicated that the cell surface and also the periplasmic loops of LamB are subject to great antigenic variability.


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